How to Turn Black and White Photos into Color with an Android

How to Turn Black and White Photos into Color with an Android

In the past, photos were printed in two colors; black and white. Classic, authentic but old-fashioned. Then how to make it more attractive without changing any of the elements in it, without effects or filters? Well, how about coloring it? It must look more alive.

If you feel confident, just do these steps.

  • Scan first black and white photos you find. For those of you who use Xiaomi smartphones, you can follow the tutorial in this article, it’s a bit different but can be applied to photos or images.
  • But if you don’t use a Xiaomi smartphone, you can use third-party applications in the Play Store, for example CamScanner, PhotoScan from Google, Rapid Scanner and Image Scanner from DnD Software.
  • After the scanned photos are obtained, now download and install the Polychrome – color old & white photos application. Run after the application is installed.
  • Check the Full quality option to get optimal quality edits. But, the process of color change will take longer. Next, there are two buttons that you can use, local cameras and photos. Because the edited photo is in memory, then tap the photo icon on your right.
  • Select the black and white photo that you have scanned before.
  • Once it appears at Polychrome, adjust the desired area again. If it feels right, tap the SCAN button.
  • The color change process takes several tens of seconds, depending on the size of the photo file being changed.
  • Finish, like this the end result. Photos that were black and white were successfully converted into color photos.

Furthermore, you can share photos to third party services or applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Email and so on.

Polychrome applications can be used at no cost. But, they apply a credit scheme that can run out if the application is used continuously. To get additional credit, you can play video ads or buy them.
The color produced by Polychrome is not completely perfect in accordance with the actual color of the object. But, from several experiments, I feel very satisfied with the results.
For better results, use a third-party scanner application, not a manual camera. Because the final result is determined by how good the initial photo quality is.