Effective ways to change the size of photos on Android devices

Effective ways to change the size of photos on Android devices

Image editing applications may be applications that mobile users must have in the current era. The era of social media changes the way some people can interact with others. Using the service, users can share various things, including photos in it.

Looking at this, image editing applications can be a solution so that the photo content that will be shared can be more interesting. Even today, there are many image editing applications that are good enough on mobile devices, such as devices with the Android operating system.

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Thus, users can do many things without the need for a computer device, such as to resize photos to smaller or larger sizes.

  • Download the PicsArt Photo Studio application through the Google Play Store
  • Wait for the installation process, then open the photo editor application after being successfully installed on an Android device
  • In new users, set some application access permissions, such as access to the camera or storage media
  • If you are already on the main screen of the PicsArt Photo Studio application, select the + button that is in the middle of the bottom menu
  • Then select the Edit option to open the application’s image editor menu
  • Before entering the editing menu, the user must first choose the photo you want to resize
  • After finishing selecting, the user can press the Tools option and choose Resize
  • Set the Width or Height to adjust the width and height of the desired image
  • Click RESIZE when it’s finished setting it up
  • If it is successful, then click the arrow button in the upper right corner, then select Save on the Share menu
  • Then select the Save option to save the results of editing the image to the memory of the Android device

Although on some Android devices today it has been equipped with an image editor application that is quite capable, PicsArt Photo Studio can be the right choice for Android users with some excellent features in it.

By using this photo editing application, users can do various things, including to resize or resize a photo. In the way described earlier, users can change the size of the photo according to the desired pixel size.

But make no mistake, this application is not the only application that can be used to change the size of a photo. Users can still use other photo editing applications from the Google Play Store, which usually also offers equivalent features.