Custom Blotendo

Custom Blotendo

Since the launch of the Switch it seems that Nintendo fans feel incredible happiness. Many of them made video reactions to existing trailers, then many people enlivened the launch of the Switch through all available social media.


Switch fever also hit YouTube. This can be seen from the Nintendo Switch trailer which occupies the highest trending Worldwide position on YouTube.

The emergence of this Switch also seems to be a source of artistic inspiration for a man in Edmonton, Canada. How not, he managed to make the old Nintendo SNES cartridge into a harmonica! You can also custom your character using canva.

blotendo original

News about Nintendo:

June 2018 is a lucky month for Nintendo. This happened because the Nintendo video game console managed to rank first with the total number of units sold. The sale made it past the sales figures of the popular PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games.

Mat Pistacella, an analyst with market research firm NPD Group which released sales reports for video and game game consoles, said, “This is the first time the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console has led monthly sales figures since the NPD research began in 1995.”

The reason is, this best-selling console does not fall on the latest Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, but the highest sales number is achieved by the reincarnated console from the old Nintendo Classic console.

NES Classic is said to help revive device sales in the market as a whole and generate US $ 350 million. This figure represents an increase of 52 percent compared to the June 2017 income figure.

However, that does not mean the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch have decreased in sales. Pistacella said that all game platforms generated sales growth.

The mini version of NES Classic released in 2016 is priced at US $ 59 (Rp. 800 thousand) and contains 30 games that were popular in its time, such as Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man.