Canva : Create Avatar Easily

Canva : Create Avatar Easily

The development of technology makes it easy to create and develop ideas and ideas. Instant mushrooming applications without having to have basic designs that use basic applications such as Corel Draw and Photoshop. This time the author will introduce the Canva application.

Many design models from making infographics, presentations, posters, Facebook covers, Facebook submissions, Instagram submissions and more.

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As I have said, Canva provides various design templates. Those of you who have used Canva in the web application will know it. The design material is also present in the mobile application. There are many choices. Both pictures for posting or social media cover, are available here. All according to the standard size of each.

The existing design templates also have an average theme. Want to make a banner for discount discounts on online stores? Can. Want to make a quote about coffee? There is.

Fun again, the design you have made will be saved. So you can make a design on your cellphone then continue on your laptop, or vice versa. What if you want to change the image or font according to your needs? Certainly can. You can edit images from existing templates.


New version 2.0.1 is coming with new feature. You can now use Canva 2.0 web on your Android. This feature will help you to design your Avatar easily.


If you use iOS download it here:
For Android users, you can download canva app apk here:
If you want to install it from Google Play, get it here:

Canva provides lots of images for the background. In addition, this application also provides a large selection of graphic and font objects. You can also adjust the size, color, and format of the writing to your liking. But I also need to mention, however this application is an application on the mobile. All your editing is done with your fingers. If you are a person who likes precision, it might be a little annoying.

Fortunately the Canva application for mobile phones also has a help line (in the middle of the field). So you still have a guide when creating a design layout.

Overall, this Canva application is very helpful in making fast designs. Especially because there are already design templates for images on social media.